Emily "Hexadecim8" Crose

Network Security

Emily Crose is a network security professional with 13 years experience in the field.

She has previously worked for the US intelligence community, and currently works with private sector security startups. At the moment, she is a research manager at Sophos Labs specializing in Linux behavior research.


Emily's career has spanned over 10 years. Her applied security practice has been on network security mitigation. Beginning with a technical focus on defensive (blue team) work, she has since moved into red teaming and offensive security. Her professional technical interest has been tuned to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security over the last 5 years.

Emily is a seasoned presenter and has given countless high-level briefings on her work to members of the military as well as private sector leadership including Chief Information Security Officers and information security steering committees.

Emily has done extensive work with the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. In 2019, Emily worked with the museum to produce two different permanent exhibits in the museum. She also continues to be involved in Spy Museum operations as a participant in the museum's speaker series along with other notable speakers from the United States Intelligence Community.

Emily is also a member of the Spyex speaker series. Additional information can be found here.

At Home

I am not just a network security professional, I have hobbies and interests that don't intersect at all with security.

In my free time, I write essays, take care of my family, and enjoy an occassional drink or two. I also have a number of side-projects that keep my busy. I also enjoy raising pepper plants and making edible products from them.

Recently, I have been writing a comic series called Our Lady Maven. Our Lady Maven is a WWII spy thriller set in Paris, France. for more information go to ourladymaven.com

I am a tea drinker (not to be confused with teetotaler), my favorite season is autumn, and I am an addict to true history and reasearching our past. I firmly believe that a person should not summarize themselves by the job they do, but by the actions they take which they aren't paid for.


Linux Behavior Threat Research Manager - Sophos Inc.


Principal Industrial Pentester - Dragos Inc.


Senior Industrial Pentester - Dragos Inc.


Senior Threat Hunter - Ironnet Cybersecurity


US Government (Various positions)

Formal Education

  • Eastern Michigan University - B.S. - Applied Information Assurance
  • Naval Postgraduate School - Certification Coursework


  • Security +
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The Diana Initiative

Various roles including co-director of conference 2019

Motherboard Magazine Human Of The Year (2017)

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